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Yoshiko Sullivan is a creative food and lifestyle stylist, instructor, and blogger.
She was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan where she earned her degree in Home Economics at a University in Tokyo.
She now lives in Boston with her family of 4 and enjoys seasonal living through food and cooking. Yoshiko features deliciously fun cooking and creative home styling that is inspired by her passions and experience. Her style is natural and rustic with a beautifully calculated vintage look.
It is a perfectly imperfect style.
She shares her inspirations and skills through her blog, website, cooking classes, local events, and publications.
Enjoy Yoshiko Sullivan's "Perfectly Imperfect" world!

English Blog “Perfectly Imperfect”

She shares her proven recipes, simple touches, and style.

Perfectly imperfect

Regular Contributor to Washoku.Guide

She is proudly contributing articles and providing recipes for Washoku.Guide to spread Japanese food culture to the world. 「Washoku.Guide


Cooking Class

These classes will instruct you on how to make a wonderful dinner and table styling for a special occasion each month. We use local, organic and in season ingredients when possible.

Japanese Cooking Class

These classes will instruct you on how to make a family style Japanese dinner. You can take these classes as an individual or as a group. These classes can be taught as a one-time session or as a series. Also the menu selection is flexible.


Japanese cuisine and culture lectures and demonstrations at local universities, community colleges, and high schools.


Restaurant menus, kitchen, interior coordination, and Antiques.


Food styling, table styling, and party styling.

Recipe Translation

Food Editing

Kid’s Maki Sushi Birthday Party

Collaborative Production

Kitchen linen, kitchen utensils, and Japanese pottery.

If you would like to receive more information about lessons, collaborations, and consulting, please contact us.

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